Waterproof Soft Panniers

Waterproof Soft Panniers

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Part Number:BRSCWPP30L
  • Weather proof:Waterproof, dustproof
  • Expandable:25 to 32 liters capacity

Big Ride Supply's waterproof soft panniers are simple, economical, waterproof, dustproof, easy to secure to a variety of racks, and stylish as hell. They are made of 500g/m2 PVC and feature welded seams, a roll-top design similar to a dry bag, an internal stiffener, and extra canvas sewn on the bottom for durability.  Fill them with your stuff (no need for an inner liner), match up the end panels, roll the top down and secure it with side buckles. There are no zippers to clog up and stick, and no latches to break.

Big Ride Supply's panniers are expandable. Carrying a small load? Roll the top down a few extra turns. For bigger loads just make sure top is rolled twice to keep the water out.

They mount to your bike with hefty, 2-inch wide hook-and-loop straps that go over or under the seat, and attach to the rack with top and bottom straps that run through D buckles on the front of the bag. Additional stabilizing straps that can stay attached to your racks are included for heavy loads or odd-shaped racks.

NOTE: These panniers require racks. The rack doesn’t haven’t to be beefy because the wide, full length hook-and-loop straps take most of the weight, but you need something to keep them away from the back wheel. They will work with most rack systems. Homemade is fine too.

* 15-inches tall (top rolled two times)
* 14-inches long
* 9.5-inches wide
* 25-32 liters capacity, 15 pounds per side
* 24-oz. PVC, welded seams
* Inner stiffner
* Canvas rub patches sewn on the bottom
* Reflective striping on the back